Self-Defense vs. Domestic Violence South Carolina


The topic of Domestic Violence has recently seen a resurgence in common conversation and heightened awareness regarding the two-sided nature of cases involving Domestic Violence. While this trend has certainly chipped away at the stigmas surrounding Domestic Violence, the court of public opinion and outdated ways of thinking can often lead to Domestic Violence charges being brought against a person who was simply defending themselves or trying to leave a potentially abusive situation.

Consider this:

Say you’re with your spouse, partner, or another family member. You’re at home or in your car, and a casual conversation becomes contentious, causing an argument to ensue. Next thing you know one of you becomes abusive, either physically or verbally, and the other person is unable to getaway. At this point is it okay to use force against the other person? Does it matter if they are male or female? What if one party is significantly smaller than the other in size or weight? Who gets charged when both parties end up using force or threats against each other?

Domestic Violence is an umbrella term found in the legal structures of every state. It is typically defined as an Assault and Battery against a family member or sexual partner. Charges of Domestic Violence can extend far beyond the legal punishments (which can be severe) by damaging a person’s reputation and negatively impacting future opportunities. 

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Defending a domestic violence charge, particularly when you feel that it was justified self-defense, can be a difficult process. We highly recommend retaining an attorney with experience in criminal defense and violent crimes. Ashley Cornwell has just that kind of experience. If you are in the Charleston Area or the surrounding area like Mount Pleasant, Beaufort, or Orangeburg, contact us today by clicking here.

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